Sarah’s story: #UniversalCredit cost us £2,500 immediately


pse6yogn_400x400Sarah Spoor

Sarah Spoor is a London-based full-time carer and disability activist. She appeared on Channel 5 on Wednesday and this morning will appear on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme to talk about her experience with the government’s Universal Credit system, which has been widely condemned as damaging and ill-conceived.

It cost Sarah and her family £2,500 as soon as they were put onto it.

She told the SKWAWKBOX her story – here it is in her own words:

I have two disabled sons aged 17 & 20 years. Our Child Tax credits and Child benefit stopped in October last yr when my oldest turned 20 yrs.

I immediately lost of £690 per month = £8280 per year. This was tax credits of £7204.

We had no money at all for 8 plus weeks.

Then we started to receive payment of £250 per month 8 weeks later – so shortfall…

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